Struggling to define, achieve or enjoy your Success? The ‘Success Lifecycle’ is your answer.

abhishek mittal
6 min readMay 11, 2021

Success is an outcome specific steps, practiced consistently in a defined precedence, over a considerable period of time. I am sharing my researched knowledge to help you find the direction you want to take, set goals for how far you want to go, run towards better living and above all, make you enjoy the run and the flight!

The series of specific steps repeated over a considerable period consistently is what I call The Success Lifecycle

After interviewing hundreds of people, I have come up with this list of items that we humans define as Success in general —

  1. Knowing the art of setting goals and dreaming big.
  2. Discovering, living, and cashing in on your true passions.
  3. Mastering love and crafting beautiful fulfilling relationships.
  4. Feeling connected with the world, universe, God, or a higher energy.
  5. Knowing how to win friends, influence people and be seen as a leader.
  6. Mastering the inner game of wealth, abundance and the right mind set.
  7. Learning to become a better parent, spouse & relate to your family better.
  8. Mastering the art of positive living/being in a perpetual state of happiness.

Chances are that you would have related yourself with at least one of above postulate. The big question — How to achieve these? Though our creator has made us all unique, there is still a common approach that works for everyone when it comes to Success. These series of specific steps repeated over a considerable period consistently is the –

The Success Lifecycle

These are scientific steps, that will take you towards realization of your goals, their achievement and enjoyment. For lack of a better phrase, I collectively call these — THE SUCCESS LIFECYCLE. Following are the steps, that successful people follow to arrive at their Destination ‘unburnt’–

– Tab real challenges

Have you ever shouted at your staff or spouse or children for trivial reasons and repented later? You are unaware of reasons for your bad mood at such times. Lack of this awareness in our conscious leaves us under stress as much as we leave others wondering for our behavior.

Getting to know the root cause of an issue solves half of it. Therefore, as a prerequisite to success and the first step, we need to excel this skill of identifying problems that bother us at the core — consciously or unconsciously. Resort to the many tools available out there to bring about this clarity. Meditation is my personal favorite. Will share an article separately around such tools soon.

– Release from trivia

Ever wondered what stops you from aiming high? Our attention to petty issues — yes, they keeps pulling us down. Now, I understand that word ‘Petty’ is a relative terms and its meaning may vary for everyone. But you know that one word which has a common understanding everyone? (And especially when it is used along with the word Success!). BIG — Yes, we all like Big Success and that is natural to all of us. And the only way to get something big is to leave behind small!

– Acknowledge life purpose

Some strongly believe that everything that occurs, has a reason attached to it — apparent or inapparent. This is a personal belief to some and we are free to agree or disagree with it. However, there is no harm is setting a goal for self to keep moving in desired direction. Its like defining a reason for something to happen instead of detecting a reason post occurrence. I call this as ‘replacement theory’.

Goal setting is a science in itself and a perfect approach includes setting multiple goals and busting them one at a time. The key is to never run out of goals. Have a series of goals from the present point in life, till ‘that burning desire within’, that you want to achieve. Crack one and move to the next one.

Those experienced in working with a corporates are pretty aware of this terms Goal, which actually is ‘Targets’ there🙂

There is razor edge difference between Targets and Goals. While the former is ‘Met’, the latter is ‘Achieved’! The former has an expectation of something in return once met, the latter once achieved gives self-satisfaction and fluffiness. A critical step in The Success Lifecycle therefore is identifying our ultimate destination, the burning desire within, for the journey called life and work backwards.

– Next step — Action

One does not move just by leaving the ground under one foot. We lift the other foot to move forward and grab the new ground. The entire Gyan mentioned above sound music to ears but nothing changes for good, unless we act towards meeting our goals. Good intentions are only fuel to success and actions provide ignition to this fuel. Each one of us is responsible for our successes and no one can take actions on our behalf for meeting our goals. Chuck that procrastination! Fight your own war!

– Gauge your Success

Nothing succeeds like success. That phrase says a lot in itself — Isn’t it? The secret to Success also lies in efficient breaking of each big goal and working on smaller tasks one at a time to meet the bigger success. That’s how they construct gigantic buildings, write bulky novels, climb mountains and modest people become immensely successful. Still wondering why breaking and doing it in bits is important? Because one building block, which is easy to achieve and quicker too, becomes a success and above all, an inspiration to pick the next block and so on.

Now since Success can be much subjective than building a skyscraper or writing a novel, how do we break it and get ourselves moving towards our goals? The answer is this — Visualize a staircase between you and your goal. Every step is a sub goal that takes you nearer to your ultimate goal. Every sub goal is an identifiable block of achievement and a pre-requisite to the next sub-goal. At this time it is utmost important to remind that we can improve on something only if can measure it. We all need to find a measurement system that gauges our success with closest precision.

– Enlighten all

Like emotional, spiritual & physical needs we also have a dire need to share what we have. Also, like all other needs, the degree to which we share depends on the phase of life or the degree of ones enlightenment. This is something we human beings have received as God’s highest form of creation. The format & subject of sharing is different for all though — Some share materials while others share wisdom. Some share their time while other feel satisfied by contributing unnamed and secretly.

A disclaimer

Those who haven’t reached this stage of realization aren’t lesser human beings by any measurement. One however will identify this need to share eventually, sooner or later.

What we share, contributes to achievement of a sub goal for someone as much as it would be for us when others contribute. This is the last step in The Success Lifecycle and only those who a arrive in his phase of the overall cycle feel real contentment of their lives. At this stage, the larger goal becomes a sub goal for another, even larger goal and one must restart the Success lifecycle all over again.

Imagine life as a spiral — it either move inwards and clash with its origin or it moves outwards and get you more. It is also defined as self actualization or simply put — Our journey to awareness. Those who followed the Success Lifecycle not only achieved their goals predictably but also enjoy their achievements ‘unburnt’!

P.S. — The Success Lifecycle is a result of my practice as a personal counselor for many years. To apply The Success Lifecycle in your personal lives, please leave a comment and I will be glad to assist in person.